AC Consulting

Research types

Qualitative research:

  • Exploration: Study of patterns of consumption and consumer behavior, identification of new consumer trends
  • Evaluation studies: Testing and optimization of concepts, brands, packaging, pricing, advertising campaigns
  • Diagnostic tests: Study of the dynamics and the current attitudes to a product, comprehensive audit / diagnostics of the brand, identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Search for insights and development of projects: A set of practices that promotes creative and innovative processes for creating new concepts for brands / products / advertising
  • Study of the lifestyle of the target audience: Identification of value orientations, media preferences and other information, using full immersion into the socio-cultural environment of consumers

Quantitative research

  • Test of the marketing mix and its individual elements: Assessment of products, concepts, designs, titles, advertising and so on
  • Price Research: Proper method of studying the elasticity of demand (FMCG), permitting the development of a model of change key players’ market share, taking into consideration prices, distribution and communications support
  • Volumetric study: Assessment of the potential of business innovation, sales forecasts
  • Any other type of quantitative ad-hoc research